• Repairing your computer quickly and efficiently all while keeping your data as safe as possible is priority to us.

    Unfortunately electronics are not made as it use to be with rigours testing and quality control. The prices of electronics including laptops and computers are at an all time low and the quality of these affordable systems are also going downwards. The factuality is low cost or entry level “cheap” laptops and computers are inexpensive not because of a good deal but it cost less to build due to shortcuts and low quality components.

    In most cases we can repair your desktop for less than it would cost to buy a new one, and provide a solid warranty on parts and labour. We repair and upgrade all types of desktops including video cards, ram, hard drives, and more. We also provide a free estimate, while most stores charge a bench fee.

    “If you do not see your hardware listed give us a call or email we may be able to repair it for you even if it requires circuit level repairs”

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    Circuit Level Repair

    We provide circuit level hardware repair while most stores and techs will advise you to replace. It is normally less expensive to repair.


    Hardware repair advise…

    If you have noticed your desktop or laptop is running abnormally slow, it could mean you have failing hardware causing harmful effects or a virus running in the background. Bring you computer in immediately for a free estimate. Its always safer to repair your computer before it completely crashes leaving you subject to data loss.