Q:  What kind of residential high speed internet do you offer?
A:  We offer three types of residential internet services
1) Unlimited High Speed Cable  Internet  from $49.95/m
2) Unlimited DSL High Speed Internet  from $29.99/m
3) DRY DSL (DryLoop)High speed Internet from $37.99/m
Q: What is the difference between cable internet and DSL?
A: Cable internet runs through your cable TV line while DSL internet uses you home telephone line.

Q: Do I need cable TV to qualify for cable internet or a home phone?
A: No you do not, however you do require cable infrastructure in your home or apartment. If the home had cable internet or TV before there is a good chance we can provide you cable internet.

Q: How does Dry DSL work?
A: If your home does not qualify for cable internet and you do not have a home phone through an analog telephone provider, then DRY DSL is your only choice. DRY DSL is not available in all areas however if you qualify then it will work well.Q: Are there any activation fees?
A: Yes unfortunately due to CRTC new rulings and wholesale price guide structures since first quarter 2012 all DSL lines have a one time activation fee, and cable internet also has a one time activation fee.

Q: Does your service include wireless modems?
A: No non of our services will include a wireless modem or router. It is your responsibility to purchase the router to work with our services.