• Although we are focused as a service centre we also sell hardware and software. Our store stock is limited but our warehouse inventory is vast and we carry most brands and types of hardware and software.

    We are an authorized reseller of the following incredible laptop brands:

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    We only sell the best!

    We only source and sell the best form of laptops that have a reliable track record.



When looking to purchase a laptop remember one key rule that most stores dont want to admit. The hardware is wholesale to public. Windows based laptops carry a maximum of 10% profit margin on the final cost, so when you see a laptop or tablet for sale remember to deduct 10% and that is the true cost. Some laptops only have 5% margin so if you ever see an ad in the papers with $200 off its usually not the case and the hardware has been marked up and down again. At Robust Computers we use an open market approach and let the customer know our cost and add anywhere from 5% to 10% over our cost. This way there are no gimmicks or tricks and we bring real value to the table.