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    Finally a smart phone designed to withstand the elements of work and nature! Don’t worry when it drops, it will be fine when you pick it up. Robust phone can handle most drops onto hard surfaces.

    Most phones will shiver in shock and dismay when they hear that the Robust Phone is water resistant and can submerge in 5 meters (16.4 foot) of water! Hard to believe? Look at the video footage here!

    Sporting a dual core processor, android 4.0, 4.3” touch screen, wifi, laser pointer, GPS,front/back digital cameras, two way radio with a 5 Km range, and more!This is the Swiss army knives of phones. Did we mention it looks awesome?

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    Tougher,Smarter, Longer Lasting!

    Robust Phone™ Rules the Wild!
    Our durable smart phone is built to withstand the elements of work , and nature. From construction job sites to extreme weather, and sports this is the must have smart phone of 2013! Military inspired with high quality rugged components minimizes the risk of damage to your phone at work or play. Our rigours testing and abuse has created a sought after product that will fit your requirements along with our unparallel 12 month limited accidental forgiveness warranty you can feel assured that we have you covered! Extended warranties available. Ideal for contractors, construction crew, athletes, security, police, and the tough guy!


The Robust Phone™

The Original, and best!