• Robust Senior PC™

    At Robust Computers we have integrated a special hardare/software solution to keep seniors safe while browsing the web. Our touch screen platform is designed for seniors that have little to no computer experience but would like to stay socially connected to the worldwide web, friends, and loved ones using popular applications like Facebook, gmail, and Skype. We offer a low cost platform from $599.99 with training sessions starting from $99.00

    We make sure the experience is enhanced, and dedicated for seniors with lack of computer knowledge, and possibly poor eyesight. Our application is geared to be simple, intuitive, and safe. Call or stop by our storefront to try before you buy.

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    Robust Senior PC™

    A better future connected!


Connect with friends and family like never before!

Applications/Software like Skype, Facebook, Youtube, Gmail, Netflix, Twitter, and online browsing can be difficult for seniors with no to little computer experience. But with our new Robust Senior PC™ platform we take the fear of learning out and replace it with an easy and fun learning experience that any senior can enjoy. We all age and our vision is to assit with keeping our beloved seniors connected to friends and family in a simple to use platform. Call or stop by to view and test a demo Robust Senior PC™.