• At Robust computers  we only order tablets on demand and may carry some minor stock time to time. Tablets are an ever gowning phenomena that has taken the tech world by storm. In the past it was traditional that we required more power for our day to day tasks but ever since the tablet society has grown to accept a slower and less powerful machine that runs on app’s for day to day work. We carry only a few brands of tablets, and hybrids. Lenovo is our main supplier of such brands.

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    Mobile Friendly

    Did you know there is an ever growing popularity for mobile and tablet friendly websites?


The times are changing…

Its expected in the next 5 years tablet and mobile based websites will outweigh the traditional desktop and laptop style platform. Some may or may not agree with this change but its a change that has been promoted by the mass. Robust is here adapting with the change and providing hardware and software solutions to fit our clients needs.