• Free Viral Scan on qualified PC’s
    We will run a preliminary in store viral scan on your PC or notebook free of charge and inform you of the depth of infection. We have a 98+% success rate in safely removing all viruses without any data loss or harm to your files. 
    With every approved virus removal we provide you an option of a free basic antivirus solution or 50% off any off any in stock residential security program we have.
    We also provide remote virus removal services starting at $75/hour Please call our service desk then click here after you have scheduled an appointment. CLICK HERE TEAM VIEWER QS

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    Free Viral Scan & Estimate.

    Its always a free estimate at Robust Computers, never pay a bench fee!


Virus Facts.

You can catch a virus on your new or used PC by having outdated antivirus or security software. All free antivirus programs have limited defence capabilities and lack pro-active features like anti-Phishing, rootkit protection, scareware and malware defence. Keeping your windows up to date with the latest patches and service packs helps protect your computer also. The best form of protection is common sense, if you receive an email or visit a website that looks suspicious do not open it or continue any further. APPLE and MACS do catch viruses and malware and are not virus proof.